Uploading your files

Transcriptions are based on your source video or audio files. At this time we only support uploading your files for processing.

Your files will be accessible for playback while working with your transcripts but are not available for download or sharing on other sites. You should retain your original files for any other use.

We will store your text transcripts as long as you have an active subscription with us, but on our free and standard plans, we will only store the original audio and video files for up to 3 months.

Using the interface

Every transcript starts with a file uploaded by you. This simple interface allows you to select a file from your local computer or device, give it a title and upload it for processing.

Note: If you have reached your quota for your plan, you may need to change your subscription before you can upload more files.

simple upload form

During your upload, a progress indicator will be shown. Some large files may take a long time to upload - especially if you use high definition audio or video recording. See the limits section for some useful information about max file sizes and how you can optimize them.

upload progress

If you have any problems with an upload, refer to the troubleshooting section


We currently support .wav, .mp3, .m4a, .mp4 formats.

If you need support for a format not listed here, contact us and let us know!


Given the often large size of video and audio files, we recommend limiting individual files to no more than 2 hours in length and not exceeding 1GB in size.

While we do support larger sizes than this, the upload time and transcribing time will be less desirable.

If you are running into limitations, you may want to keep lower quality files, along with your high quality, that you can use specifically for transcribing. There are a number of tools available to reduce your media files for this purpose.

WARNING: Always keep a copy of your higher quality files if you need them for other purposes!


With large files of various formats, some things can go wrong. If you are having any troubles uploading files, feel free to contact us at any time.

File did not upload

Sometimes a network error can occur while an upload is in progress. If it does not look like your upload succeeded, you should try again.

Transcript is not available

It does take some time for your transcript to be completed even after your file has been uploaded. If your file uploaded successfully but your transcript is not available after 60 minutes, it is possible we could not process your file. One cause may be that the file does not contain any audio. Confirm the format and contents of the file are correct and try again.