Editing transcripts


You may need to edit your transcript for accuracy or to clean it up for publishing.

Note: This feature is available on all plans now!

Start Editing

Editing is done on individual segments of your transcript. This allows you to perform edits in manageable contexts.

To start editing, click anywhere in your transcript and begin typing - it is that easy!
Changes will be saved periodically as you type. Hit enter when you are done and all your changes will be saved.

Splitting Segments

Sometimes you may need to split a segment or join a segment with the previous one. Now this can be done simply!

To split a segment, place the cursor before the first word that should start the next segment and hit Shift + Enter. This will insert a break and start a new segment with the same speaker. If this segment should have a different speaker, you can edit the speaker for just this segment by clicking the speaker name to the left of the segment.

To join a segment with the one previous to it, place the cursor at the beginning of the segment and hit Backspace or Delete.