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Enhance your podcast and SEO with full searchable transcripts. Editing is a breeze with playback controls.


Annotated transcripts for coordinating with editors and team members or for future reference.

Customizable dictionaries

Improve the accuracy of your transcripts for your specific needs by creating a personalized dictionary.

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Find out how our transcription tools fit your workflow. Everyone's story is different and hearing yours helps shape the products and features we deliver. We'll reach out with some information and find out how we might best serve your needs.

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Inline playback tools

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time and energy.

Simple and intuitive tools that help you get your work done quickly.

Multiple format support

Support for a growing range of audio and video formats.

Industry leading transcription AI

Our transcription service leverages continously adapting transcription technologies.


Simple pricing for all.

Flexible pricing to get you up and running without hassle. Don't see a plan that works for you? Contact us to discuss!

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10 hours of audio or video / mo.


Inline playback controls

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We offer a pro plan including sharable full text search and automated translations to Spanish.

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Can I export my transcripts?

Absolutely. You can copy the full text of your transcripts including timestamp data to use however you like.


Can I edit my transcripts?

On the standard plan, we offer inline editing of your transcript content.


Can I search for a term or phrase acrross all my transcripts?

Yup! We offer a powerful full text search integration to quickly find exact transcripts and even times for each occurrence.


Can I add annotations to my transcript?

Yes. We offer powerful annotation tools to markup and communicate highlights and changes with your team.

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